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Happy Christmas!

Christmas 2015

Happy Christmas

Many thanks to all our customers for making 2017 even more amazing than 2016. The number of pieces we’ve made for both returning and new customers this year is astounding to me!

Every piece has been an absolute pleasure to create and we’re so looking forward to making a start on all the new ideas for next year.

Holiday Orders

As ever, it’s always hard to stay out of the workshop for too long, so I’ll be around to answer messages over the holiday period. Feel free to get in touch any time!

All our existing orders, National and International will be shipped in time for Christmas delivery.

There are no more spaces for new orders in time for Christmas 2017 delivery.


Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Yes, we’re open…

Just a quick update to let you know we’re fully open for business!

I’m so excited to be back in the workshop and looking forward to putting some awesome new designs together just as soon as possible 😀

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Spring Clean!

Handmade Gifts

We’re getting ready to shut up shop here for a much needed spring clean and workshop update!

All our products are currently showing as ‘out of stock’, this is to prevent any orders coming in, whilst still allowing users to browse our designs. I’ll still be around to respond to enquiries during this time, but not as quickly as usual.

No more orders will be taken after Saturday 25th March 2017. All current orders will be shipped within the agreed timescale.

My Etsy shop will also be closed from Saturday 25th March 2017.

I’ll be gradually reopening from around the 19th April with some great new gift ideas coming soon too….. can’t wait!

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Money Clips

Money Clips

Money Clip Gift Ideas

Of all the many things we make there’s no doubt I like nothing more than creating a new money clip design. I’ll confess that until two years ago I’d never owned or used one, but now I’m never without mine.

Therefore, as a gift idea they’re simply perfect for the man who already has everything. Because there is no real design limitation, they can be personalised to suit anyone. It’s also the type of gift that it doesn’t really matter if the recipient already has one, as I find it’s not possible to have too many! I have two ‘favourite’ money clips right now and rather more back-ups, depending on where I’m going! I’m always thinking about whats going on my next one too of course.

So currently there are around 20 hand stamped and etched money clip designs on our website. These examples give a rather good idea of how much detail and content we can fit on each clip. Whilst I love making each and every one of them, I love nothing more than receiving a request for a custom one.

Money Clip Designs

So, what can we do? Well hand stamping offers the most simple (also effective) form of personalisation. Hence the popularity of initials on the front and short message on the rear to make a really special gift. In addition, dates and coordinates are also a popular choice. Consequently, we’re happy to look up the latitude and longitude of any location and hand stamp this on the rear of the money clip. Hence, these make particularly good gifts for wedding favours, making brilliant keepsakes and usable everyday items too.

If it’s something more eye-catching you’re looking for, then our etched money clips certainly offer greater design opportunities. These can feature images and text relating to occupations, hobbies, pastimes, music, travel, cars, etc., the list is endless. Initials and messages can also be etched in just about any size and style of font.

My personal favourites are the ones that combine both etching and hand stamping. Hand stamping gives some texture and earthiness to the copper, and as a result of this, a more rustic feel is achieved. Additionally, by texturing the edges of the money clip with a ball pein hammer a beautiful weathered appearance can be achieved. An added bonus to hand stamping and texturing is that the process also ‘work hardens’ the copper making for a more effective spring tension within the clip.

Finally the Finish

Whilst bright new shiny copper is lovely, aged, rustic, distressed copper looks even more stunning. The rich coppery tones I strive to achieve on our money clips is all due to the final few processes.

Once sanded and textured an application of an ageing patina darkens the copper anywhere from a light brown tan colour to near pitch black. The use of patina is twofold. Primarily it is to make the design really stand out. The recessed areas of the etched image or hand stamped letters retain the dark patina and consequently provide a clear contrast to the copper colour. Secondly, a light application of patina adds age to the clip, highlights the textures and brings out a vast array of rich coppery tones that ‘new’ copper simply doesn’t have. The lightest of polishes with fine wire wool and several protective coatings of Renaissance Wax then completes the clip.

There’s no substitute for actual ageing though. Because of this, I find that the older and more used that a money clip is, the better it looks. This is one of the many things I love about copper in general.

Create Your Own Bespoke Money Clip

So, buy any of our money clips as listed, or add your own personalised touches to our existing designs. Since no machine processes are involved, no two money clips will ever be exactly the same. However, if you’re feeling inspired to create a truly one-off gift for yourself or someone else, why not get in touch now and we’ll help you create a stunning bespoke design that’s perfectly suited.

Finally, if you’re completely stuck for ideas we can always offer a full custom design for you. Tell us as much as possible about the recipient and we’ll take care of the rest!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Perfect Valentine Gifts!

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day gift ideas couldn’t be easier with our range of beautiful designs, fully customisable to let you show your loved one how much they mean to you!

When looking for perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas, it’s so important to find something that will mean the world and be treasured for years to come. Finding something that’s unique, romantic and yet still useful and practical isn’t always easy. We’ve put together a delightful collection of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will make your valentine smile this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re looking for a sentimental treasure or something original and contemporary, you’re sure to find it within these pages. From simple keyrings that you can personalise with a date, name or location, to individual money clips or bookmarks you can customise with your own special message, or plaques and coasters that will be treasured for all time. If you can’t find the perfect personalised Valentine’s Day gift right here, it’s only because you haven’t asked us to make it for you yet!

Key Rings

Our range of keyrings is just perfect for Valentine’s Day. From a simple hand-stamped heart tag to a personal etched message, we can create the ultimate custom keyring just for you!

Gift Ideas
Personalised Keyrings – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Copper and aluminium handmade bookmarks are both beautiful and practical. Have your own message hand-stamped, or personalise one of our existing designs to create your custom Valentine’s Day gift.

Valentine's Day gift ideas
Personalised Bookmarks – Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Money Clips

Our hand-crafted money clips offer a practical, usable and yet very personal gift idea. We can etch meaningful images, and with the addition of a personalised message, this is a gift to be cherished and used for years to come.

Personalised Gifts
Personalised Money Clips – Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Coasters & Plaques

Personalised coasters make the most wonderful custom gifts. Plenty of space for a personal message and/or image, and a thoughtful keepsake that will not only be treasured, but used day in, day out!

Personalised Gifts
Coasters & Plaques – Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Bespoke & Custom Orders

We LOVE custom orders and don’t charge extra for bespoke work. Can’t see the perfect gift? Please get in touch as we’d love to create a bespoke design just for you.

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Star Wars

Star Wars

Star Wars Themed Coasters

We’re loving how these first few Star Wars themed coasters have turned out. After our beautiful sugar skull design coasters were so well received we kicked off the Star Wars theme with a Day of the Dead inspired Storm Trooper. With a the new movie Rogue One on the way, we though why not etch a few classic Star Wars related images and make a set of coasters?

We think they’re looking pretty awesome!

Currently, we’ve only etched two classics, the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon. We’ll be adding a Tie Fighter and X-Wing any day now! When completed, this set of four classic ships will look amazing. We’ll be adding new photos as soon as we can, so keep checking!

Like all our other coaster designs, these are etched in solid copper and backed with cork. Not only beautiful to look at, but practical too! At 10 cm square they’re large enough to handle just about any cup or mug.

They will be available very soon, both here and in our Etsy store. If you wish to pre-order or commission a particular design, please get in touch via the ‘Contact’ link.

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Sugar Skull Designs – Day of the Dead

Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull – Day of the Dead – Día de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead is a holiday for remembering those who have passed. A festive time of celebration. Dia de los Muertos is celebrated throughout Mexico, but other countries celebrate versions of Day of the Dead for honouring their dead too. Celebrated in Central and South America, Europe and Asia, the holiday is observed according to their own local customs and incorporating their own sugar skull designs.

Day of the Dead is also particularly popular in California, Texas, Arizona and other parts of the United States.

Many people around the world, even if they are not directly connected to Mexican culture, are drawn to the concept and imagery of Mexico’s Day of the Dead. This holiday gains popularity as more people learn about it. It’s not surprising as so many of the beautiful designs associated with the celebrations feature such amazing artwork.

Since we made our first sugar skull key ring I’ve been wanting to make more similar designs. We followed the keyrings up with a beautiful bookmark design, but our latest set of coasters are simply amazing!

Four handmade etched copper coasters, featuring stunning sugar skulls make up this amazing Day of the Dead themed set. Each drink mat features a different sugar skull design meaning everyone can have ‘their’ coaster! We’ll be adding more Day of the Dead pieces in the very near future. This will include some amazing animal sugar skull designs and other themed sets. As with all our designs, you can add your own personal touch with the inclusion of a name or message.

We love custom orders, so please contact us to discuss the perfect bespoke gift. There’s no extra charge for most personal touches unless it is particularly time consuming, so why not make a unique gift just for you?


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Wedding Anniversary Gifts – 7th Copper

7th Wedding Anniversary Traditional Gifts

Copper has long had a traditional meaning of prosperity, good luck, and good fortune. Couples honouring their seventh wedding anniversary are celebrating their good fortune in finding one another.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts
7th Wedding Anniversary Plaque

Our love of all things copper means we’re ideally suited to make a special one-off piece for your 7th Wedding Anniversary.

A simple copper keyring or wallet card/insert with a personal message makes the perfect keepsake that can be carried always. Our personalised copper plaques make a beautiful reminder of a special occasion or celebration. A pair of coasters to are ideally suited for a copper wedding anniversary gift and our beautiful copper bookmarks are a gift that can be loved and used for all time.

You can personalise any of our existing pieces or create your own bespoke design for that special, one-off gift. Let us make the ideal traditional copper anniversary gift for your seventh wedding anniversary.

Use our contact form or email:

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We’re making a few changes…..

Handmade Gifts

We’re making a few changes and unfortunately need to close the workshop for a few months.

All current orders will  be completed and shipped within the promised time-scales, but unavoidably the workshop will be closed to new orders for the whole of April, May and June.

The website will remain up and running for visitors to browse our current designs, but no orders will be taken over this period. We already have an incredibly busy July/August booked, but we will be taking new orders from the around the 10th July.

Thank you as always for your interest in our work and we look forward to being back with new designs in the summer.


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Personalised Coasters

Gin & Tonic

I still get so excited about our personalised coasters. Every time I make a new one to add to our range of custom gift ideas, I just love them even more!

Personalised, handcrafted copper coasters. Fully customised to your requirements with an image, and/or text. Measuring approximate 10 cms (4″) square as standard, it can accommodate the chunkiest mugs, (can also be sized to suit).

Each coaster is individually handmade in solid copper and backed with cork for insulation and to prevent table damage. These unique pieces look and feel amazing and of course can be fully customised to make the perfect gift for absolutely anyone. Great commemorative gift – birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gifts, christenings, retirement, exam results, holiday mementos……. everyone needs somewhere to rest their mug!

We already have existing orders to complete, so look out for more example images very soon, or just go ahead and commission your own custom coaster set now.

Further details and pricing…